Friday, January 23, 2009

Ricky Gervais Desktop

Ricky Gervais has become an inspiration to me. It's not the rags-to-riches story, or the excellence of his writing and comedy. He has inspired me in terms of photography, specifically portrait photography.

To honor his photographic (and photogenic) genius, I have created the Ricky Gervais Desktop. Be sure to share it. After loading it on your own desktop, load it on your mate's desktop, or perhaps one of your colleague's computers at work, whenever they step away from their desk for a minute or two. Imagine their surprise and appreciation when they sit back down and discover you've given them the Ricky Gervais Desktop!

1. Click the download button below that matches your screen resolution.
2. A new window will open with the wallpaper image.
3. Right click on the wallpaper image and select 'Set as Wallpaper' or 'Set as background'.


Bride said...

That was a horrible and mean thing to do to your bride. Me no likey.

Wendy said...

Okay, that is one cool wallpaper! Karmically, however, I think you might be screwed. :)