Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, & MySpace Unplugged

No, it's not a reality tv pitch.

I have deleted my accounts at all of the above. I have unplugged myself from the mass interconnectivity of modern online life. No more tweets, status updates, or bulletins for me. I quit. Fini. It's all Bubbles in the Wine to me now.

My wife was annoyed. ("I've gone from 'Married to Michael Devers' to just 'married'. Thanks a lot." As if I had filed some kind of legal proceeding.)

My friends who speak to me in the real world were baffled:
"What's wrong with you?"
"Did something happen?"
"Don't forget your aluminum hat, freak!"

For those who need to understand, there was no major event, no great epiphany. It was a gradual build up of small annoyances that led to the question, "What am I really getting out of trying to keep up with all of this and what else could I be doing with the time?" I deleted my accounts about .2 seconds after that.

I will be keeping this mostly anonymous blog as a tiny online island. Though the idea isn't wholly mine, it works for me. Of course, I've now set myself up to have no excuse in keeping this blog updated regularly. Annoying.

Where's the delete button on this thing?


Clair Devers said...

Good. Now there is an explanation, since people keep asking me. I think I will add this as a link on my FB. Ha!

Richard said...


Anonymous said...

so much for anonymity. Love ya!!