Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing the game, whatever the cost

There's an artist in our scene that I admire in some ways and am completely baffled by in other ways. He's been a big supporter of our company for a long time, basically since day one. But he makes choices that leave me searching for words.

First it was being a judge on the Next GAC Star or some show like that.

Then it was a special version of his record for Nike, where he talked about running either in-between or on top of his songs (I never picked up a copy so I have no idea how it turned out).

And I almost forgot, his slightly controversial but ultimately forgettable (obviously) cover of Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" while the Hinder version was still on the charts. (Why did I think I heard Pat Boone singing bg vocals on the cut?)

The latest, to promote his record release on August 25th I presume, is a guest appearance on the Lifetime original series, Army Wives. You can check out the preview here, and if you're reading this after the episode airs, that same link will allow you to view the whole episode (if you have the stomach for it).

I understand that is he wants to play "in the majors", these are the kinds of things he has to do, but it's all too reminiscent of some satire that I found very funny and, as it turns out, right on the money.


Bride said...

I still can't believe that's real.

Laurie James said...

Thank you SO much. I thought it was just me. The plug in the new song for Budweiser "brew" (happens to be his touring beer sponsor)...

Although happily, the new single sucks far less than anything from the last record...bottom line: Please, if you were writing your own songs, continue to write them (assuming they were good songs, which, in this case, they were.)