Monday, November 9, 2009

the 9@9 running commentary

At my day job, we use Skype for communication. A lot. Every once in a while, mostly to entertain myself, I'll post a running commentary of BobFM's 9@9. This morning I thought to myself, why create all of this marginal content just for my co-workers, when I can post it on my blog and, with any luck, amuse tens of others.

So here's BobFM's 9@9 for November 9th, 2009 along with my running commentary.

[9:02:53 AM] MWD: You guys ready for the 9@9 play-by-play?
[9:03:07 AM] MWD: Crap year - 1984. Gee, wonder if we'll hear any Van Halen?
[9:03:32 AM] MWD: Okay, here we go...

[9:03:48 AM] MWD: #9: Madonna - Borderline
[9:04:06 AM] MWD: Raise your hand if you shelled out the $50 for her Sex book.
[9:04:41 AM] MWD: The publisher put only two restrictions on her:
[9:04:48 AM] MWD: 1. No beastiality
[9:05:04 AM] MWD: 2. She could not insert a religious symbol into herself.
[9:05:46 AM] MWD: Some high standards they set for her.

[9:07:08 AM] MWD: This really is going to be a puke-fest.
[9:07:26 AM] MWD: #8: the Thompson Twins - "Hold Me Now"
[9:07:31 AM] MWD: (speechless)

[9:11:07 AM] MWD: #7: Dan Hartman - "I Can Dream About You"
[9:11:26 AM] MWD: Was this one of those Soap Opera/Rock Star guys?
[9:11:31 AM] MWD: Does anyone care?
[9:14:12 AM] MWD: Didn't know this - Dan Hartman was the bass player in the Edgar Winter Group and was the songwriter of "Free Ride"

[9:14:37 AM] MWD: #6 - I guessed correctly, but "one too early"
[9:14:53 AM] MWD: Rick Springfield - "Love Somebody"

[9:18:37 AM] MWD: #5: the Romantics - "Talking In Your Sleep"
[9:18:47 AM] MWD: Every cover band's dream.
[9:18:56 AM] MWD: Can the Stray Cats be far behind?

[9:22:01 AM] MWD: #4: Bonnie Tyler - "Holding Out For A Hero"
[9:22:13 AM] MWD: For those of you that thought she was a one-hit wonder.
[9:22:24 AM] MWD: The even rarer "two-hit wonder"
[9:22:38 AM] MWD: Kim Carnes is raging with jealousy.
[9:24:55 AM] MWD: Wow - this song has the most unnecessary drum solo ever.

[9:27:25 AM] MWD: #3: Phil Collins - "Against All Odds"
[9:27:47 AM] MWD: Perhaps the most maudlin song of his career. Which is really saying something.

[9:31:35 AM] MWD: #2: Laura Branigan - "Self Control"
[9:31:58 AM] MWD: I'm sensing a theme here.
[9:32:13 AM] MWD: Artists "other hits"
[9:32:53 AM] MWD: No Jessie's Girl, no Total Eclipse, no Gloria
[9:33:39 AM] MWD: BTW - If I don't hear Van Halen at number one, I'm going to lose it.

[9:34:35 AM] MWD: Last tune
[9:34:47 AM] MWD: #1 on this day in 1984...
[9:34:57 AM] MWD: And quite the capper to this load of crap
[9:35:16 AM] MWD: Billy Ocean - "Caribbean Queen"
[9:35:57 AM] MWD: No Van Halen.
[9:36:07 AM] MWD: I have tipped over Shane's desk in protest.

[9:36:43 AM] MWD: Not a good start to the week. BobFM has a case of the Mondays.


Anonymous said...

Van Halen? Not even close to being their best work. Kind of like Duran Duran's effort that year, which kept mysteriously disappearing from my collection in the years that followed. Beating up on Bob is fine, but rather than Van Halen, you missed the quintessential reference that WAS 1984: Purple Rain.

marv said...

I agree with the previous commentator. I also had the same problem with Seven and the Ragged Tiger.