Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9@9 - November 10th, 2009

I rarely do this two days in a row, but yesterday was so much fun...

[9:05:37 AM] MWD: A late start to the 9@9 today.
[9:05:53 AM] MWD: Here's hoping it's because they put more work into it this time.
[9:06:00 AM] MWD: The year - 1981.
[9:06:07 AM] MWD: right on the edge

[9:06:22 AM] MWD: #9: April Wine - "Just Between You and Me"
[9:06:42 AM] MWD: I shouldn't like that lead guitar tone, but I do.

[9:09:40 AM] MWD: #8: I told you yesterday that she was raging with jealousy.
[9:09:59 AM] MWD: Kim Carnes - "Bette Davis Eyes"
[9:10:16 AM] MWD: Here today to claim her spot and kick Bonnie Tyler's ass

[9:13:16 AM] MWD: #7: 38 Special - "Hold On Loosely"
[9:13:46 AM] MWD: I don't know how most bands are able to deal with 1 drummer.
[9:13:50 AM] MWD: These guys had 2.
[9:14:10 AM] MWD: I still have no idea why.

[9:15:05 AM] Shane Jones: let me know when they play the gap band
[9:15:32 AM] MWD: If they don't, do you want me to tip over your desk for you?
[9:15:40 AM] Shane Jones: please
[9:15:54 AM] MWD: stay tuned

[9:17:54 AM] MWD: #6: Kenny Rogers - "I Don't Need You"
[9:18:10 AM] MWD: They pulled this one off the scrap heap.
[9:18:28 AM] MWD: When I hear this song I think, "Stick to the chicken, Kenny."

[9:21:07 AM] MWD: #5: Rush - "Limelight"
[9:21:33 AM] MWD: BobFM is throwing quite a challenge at their casual listeners with those 2 back-to-back.
[9:21:45 AM] MWD: Hat tip for that!

[9:26:00 AM] MWD: #4: Steve Winwood - "While You See A Chance"
[9:26:13 AM] MWD: Against my better judgement, I like this song.
[9:26:46 AM] MWD: I forgive him for still dressing like a character on Miami Vice.

[9:29:32 AM] MWD: #3: Pat Benatar - "Treat Me Right"
[9:30:15 AM] MWD: Everyone knows that "Video Killed the Radio Star" was the first video ever aired by MTV.
[9:30:23 AM] MWD: Know what the second video was?
[9:31:04 AM] MWD: Pat Benatar - "You Better Run"

[9:32:14 AM] MWD: #2: Blondie - "The Tide is High"
[9:32:42 AM] Shane Jones: bob, 1981 music choice sucks
[9:32:54 AM] MWD: Middle of the Road
[9:33:10 AM] MWD: the choices - not campaigning for the Pretenders
[9:33:45 AM] MWD: BTW - Debbie Harry *is* that kind of girl.

[9:35:52 AM] MWD: and #1 on this day in 1981...
[9:36:05 AM] MWD: Hall & Oates - "Private Eyes"
[9:36:20 AM] MWD: the song that got them kicked straight out of Philly.
[9:39:19 AM] MWD: Hall & Oates were on the Rachael Ray show yesterday.
[9:39:33 AM] MWD: Damn. I missed it. Now I'll have to kill myself.
[9:40:13 AM] MWD: Forgive me for that last comment. I rarely say anything so EMO.

[9:41:39 AM] MWD: Ugh. 0 for 2 start to the week. C'mon, Bob. Get your head in the game!

[9:41:15 AM] MWD: Post game report:
[9:41:34 AM] MWD: The first song that BobFM played after the 9@9?
[9:41:50 AM] MWD: April Wine - "Just Between You and Me"
[9:41:55 AM] MWD: WTF, Bob?

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